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Best Running Tracker App for Android

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Best Running Tracker App for Android

Best Running Tracker App for Android – Running is an activity that is often recommended to keep in shape, especially because it can be done all the time, anywhere, and even with few resources (even if good shoes are still recommended). During your sessions, your smartphone will often be your best companion, whether to listen to music or podcasts, but also to monitor your progress and prepare a regular training plan.

Strava, Runtastic or Runkeeper… which application to choose? Free application or premium plan? Follow the guide!


Runtastic is certainly one of the most famous applications for running, and the one we prefer at FrAndroid. Complete, it allows you to follow our running sessions and offers many features without having to go through a very expensive package.

In addition to monitoring your training and recording your progress, Runtastic allows you to set distance or time goals, gives voice directions and even couples to your favorite audio playback application to prevent the vocal coach from encroaching too much on your playlist. The particularly pleasant point: the screen is locked during the race, which avoids pausing the data recording by accident.

It is also compatible with many connected smartwatches and bracelets. In addition, his GPS is very accurate.

Best Running Tracker App for Android Downloadg]

Download Runtastic for AndroidRuntastic App

A Pro version is available for 4.99 euros (but often on special offer). It adds the automatic break, new objectives (calories, distance + duration, rhythm…), split exercises, or the creation of a route from the website.

Finally, you can subscribe to the Premium monthly subscription to follow specific training plans according to your objective (lose weight, be in shape, prepare a race…).

[sStrava: to run with friends

Another application is very well known: Strava (although it has helped to locate secret military bases). It also offers a number of free features, including automatic pause. One of its strong points is the presence of challenges that will push you to put on your sneakers more often to go running. Some challenges can even be beneficial in another way since they allow you to obtain preferential rates on events for example.

The community aspect is therefore much more developed on Strava and pushes you to surpass yourself to be better than your friends (or other participants). Some courses completed by other users are also available, even if their number is not very high (even in Paris)

Finally, you can subscribe to the Premium monthly subscription to follow specific training plans according to your objective (lose weight, be in shape, prepare a race…).

Download Runtastic for AndroidStrava

Frequency Running: to prepare a race

If your objective is to prepare a Marathon or a half, Frequence Running can satisfy you. Less complete than the previous ones, the running application proposes to find races and to set a whole training plan to reach your goal. All this without having to pay.

Are you aiming for a specific time at the next Paris Marathon? Select the race, give your availability and you will get a complete agenda to follow. It is less accurate and complete when it comes to following your training, but nothing prevents you from using it only for the agenda and coupling it with Runtastic or Strava for your running outings.

You can of course go even further with expert advice (nutrition, equipment…), but also Premium training plans (with a monthly subscription) to improve your performance more quickly.

Download Runtastic for AndroidFrequence Running

Runkeeper and Nike+, if you haven’t found your happiness

Of course, if this selection is limited to listing our favorite applications, there are others, with their advantages and disadvantages as well, and we can only advise you to try them out as well in order to find the one that best meets your expectations.

For example, Runkeeper, who is frankly elbow to elbow with Runtastic, with a more sober and lenient interface, but who just missed first place, especially for his GPS accuracy, a poorer hair and the absence of a lock on the touch screen during the race.

Finally, you can also take a look at Nike Run Club (formerly Nike+), but we believe it lacks options and possibilities compared to its competitors.

Be accompanied by an accessory

To better monitor your progress during your sports sessions, you can turn to accessories dedicated to sports, such as an activity tracker. They will allow you to follow the evolution of your heart rate, but also to follow your activity closely, from the simple daily walk on your way to work or other more intense exercises. Note that a connected watch may also offer similar features.

Note that you can also couple these applications with one of those to fully resume a sporting activity, without necessarily being a race. That was it for the Best Running Tracker App for Android Advice.