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Best Perfume for Women 2019

Unterschied Eau de Toilette und Eau de Parfum

Best Perfume for Women 2019

Best Perfume for Women 2019 – After several hours of research, we have determined the best women’s perfume by selecting some of the most attractive women’s fragrances of the moment.

On the day I have used up the last bottles of my current favourite perfume, I will have a lot of trouble deciding on my new fragrance. My heart oscillates between the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and that of Viktor & Rolf.

If you want to buy your first fragrance wherever you arrive, I invite you to take a look at the shopping guide I have prepared especially for you at the end of this article.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Femme: the best price-performance ratio

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum Spray 50ml/1.7oz - Damen Parfum
  • Designer - Hersteller: Viktor & Rolf
  • Produktgruppe: Parfümerie
  • Geschlecht: für Sie / for Her / pour Femme
Pros & Cons
  • Very rich in contrast, but balanced fragrance
  • Flowery scents in the spotlight
  • Very durable
  • His contrasts are not always unanimously accepted.

Viktor & Rolf is a fashion house of Dutch origin founded in 1993 which, like many competitors before it, started the adventure of perfume creation by signing a licence with the L’Oréal Group in 2002. Flowerbomb is her first creation, published in 2005 and still at the top of the charts.

The very name itself reveals a whole concept: Flowerbomb, an explosion of floral fragrances whose bottle itself gives a taste of it. Designed by designer Fabien Baron, it is the famous “diamond grenade” with a faceted diamond shape and a pin-opening seal that in 2006 caused a nasty surprise for a Norwegian traveller who left Oslo Airport: it was stopped by airport security because of the appearance of her perfume bottle!

The top note is tea and bergamot, which gives it a sparkling freshness. In her heart the floral notes emerge, with rose, jasmine and freesia in the foreground, but also finer aromas of orange blossom and orchid. Then it leaves a slightly warmer, amber scent of patchouli, vanilla, white musk and caramel.

It rises like a fresh and floral wave, is sweetened like a kiss on the neck and ends with notes that are as gourmet as they are sensual. Not for nothing is it considered one of the most glamorous women’s fragrances!

Is that something special? It lasts incredibly long, for a fragrance that contains such an intense note of freshness.[/su_box]

For Her Eau de Parfum by Narciso Rodriguez: a very sensual fragrance.

Pros & Cons
  • Very sensual fragrance
  • Very fine notes
  • The bottle itself is a work of art.
  • It does not last very long.

I continue my selection with the perfume of a Cuban designer, Narciso Rodriguez, who is best known for the creation of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s wedding dress and whose fashion house was born in 2001.

In 2006, he began to develop perfumes, with the Eau de Parfum For Her, which I present to you here, created in honour of his late muse. His mission is to offer a fragrance that expresses “the strength, vulnerability, beauty, sensuality and finally the depth” of this woman whom he loved deeply.

The heart of this fragrance is undoubtedly the Egyptian musk, which gives it its reputation as a sensual fragrance. It has been modernised by Narciso Rodriguez, enveloped in orange blossoms and osmanthus. But there are also slender notes of peach flesh all around and softer notes of rose, jasmine and amber. Woody notes are also present, with hints of sandalwood and patchouli.

Its users generally describe this eau de parfum as a dense, deep and mysterious character capable of giving it a glamorous sensuality. It is a magical and infinitely romantic fragrance.

The bottle itself is part of the perfume’s fame, because underneath its very refined appearance is actually a technological masterpiece, with this type of opaque block floating in the glass. A patent has even been applied for by the creator, who cannot deny his initial training in design.

Nothing was left to chance in the creation of this perfume, and the result is still striking the mark because it is still one of the most popular women today, symbolizing both sobriety and elegance.

Flower by Kenzo Eau de Parfum: the scent of poppy reinvented

Kenzo Parfüm - 50 ml
  • Unerwarteter sinnlicher und zarter Duft.
  • Düfte und Düfte für Damen.
  • Florales Eau de Parfum, das zu einer Ikone in der Welt der Düfte geworden ist.
Pros & Cons
  • Perfume that has itself become the symbol of a flower.
  • Processed bottle
  • Flower heart, with sweetness of fruit
  • The flower of the bottle tends to fade.

Now I come back to a very flowery register, with the famous flower of Kenzo. It is a creation of the master perfumer Alberto Morillas (to whom we owe the famous Acqua di Gio for men, among other things), founded in 2000.

The concept behind this perfume? Explain the sadness of the city a wildflower war. And to make his new fragrance a symbol, Kenzo Takada proposed street marketing actions, such as the creation of a field of 1500 poppies in the heart of Paris, at the Centre Pompidou (a feat later reissued in several major cities around the world).

The poppy is the designer’s favourite flower and the emblem of the brand. In perfumery, however, it is rather rare as it is listed as a still flower, i.e. without an odour. In other words, the challenge was daunting: how do you create a fragrance with the scent of a fragrance-free flower?

Morillas developed his fragrance around 3 main chords: Parma Purple, Hawthorn and Bulgarian Rose. But there are also very fruity aromas in the top note, especially mandarin and black currant, a very rich floral heart with jasmine, rose and clove, and a powdered base rich in bourbon vanilla and white musk.

Naturalness meets sophistication, as does the red poppy in contrast to the grey concrete of the modern city.

Some users say that they are sometimes disturbed by this duality at work and by their more persistent, sweet scent.

After all, the bottle itself has become a reference, with its long glass rod shape printed with a poppy that seems to jump to the top of buildings.

As the brand says: “The poppy doesn’t smell, Kenzo has created its fragrance. That of a unique and timeless flower, a militant flower in the city.”

Dior J’adore Eau de Parfum: the best mid-range product.

Dior Parfümwasser für Frauen 1er Pack (1x 30 ml)
  • 30 ml Eau de Parfum (EdP) Spray
  • Duftnoten: Blumig, Fruchtig
  • Ein blumiger Damenduft, der Vertrauen und Lebensfreude ausstrahlt
Pros & Cons
  • Mythical Fragrance
  • Luxurious flowery fragrances
  • Sweet, without being disgusting.
  • Sometimes considered by young women as a perfume that is better adapted to maturity.

For almost 20 years (it was founded in 1999) Dior’s J’adore has been a reference.

However, Dior chose to do the exact opposite of what is normally done in luxury perfumery, where every perfume has a story to tell (you will probably have noticed this with the rest of my selection).

Here, no story: I love that it is “simply” conceived as an olfactory spokesman for the great values of Dior, undoubtedly THE company that specializes in working with precious materials and where luxury is hidden in the smallest detail.

His marketing campaign is therefore “satisfied” with a glamorous and luxurious image of this perfume, like that of the timeless woman dressed by Dior. Finally, he dresses the woman as much as a garment (the second muse of the fragrance, Charlize Theron, had made the event by gradually undressing to wear only her perfume).

It is an essentially floral fragrance, which is not surprising considering that Christian Dior believes that flowers are the most divine creation after women. But of course a luxurious fragrance could not use just any flower. That’s why we find mainly rare and luxurious notes like crystallized orchids, violets or champaca flowers.

J’adore also has fruit, with the top note beginning with a mandarin scent and decorated with peach and plum tips alongside the floral composition that forms the heart. Finally, it has white musk, sandalwood and vanillin in its wake, which enhances its sweetness.

A criticism that is often expressed about him – wrongly, in my opinion – is that it is a fragrance of “maturity” that would not be suitable for young women (i.e. under 30 years of age). Personally, I think it is also good for young girls as long as their skin is suitable (because, as I explain in my shopping guide, each skin consists of its own chemistry and reacts differently to a perfume).

Finally, a few words about the bottle, which, unsurprisingly, contributes greatly to J’adore’s luxurious image. This precious amphora, surmounted by a golden necklace and rising with a drop of crystal, has simply become mythical.

La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum by Lancôme: the fragrance that is optimistic.

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle femme/ woman Eau de Parfum, 1er Pack, (1x 50 ml)
  • Dieser Duft bringt jeden zum Strahlen - La Vie Est Belle von Lancôme
  • Duftnoten: Blumig, Fruchtig
  • Duftcharakter: Elegant, Feminin
Pros & Cons
  • Very rich composition
  • Construction around the iris, including the Florence Iris Pallida,
  • Aroma of optimism
  • None

La Vie est Belle, of Lancôme, was born in 2012. It is therefore very likely that you will keep an eye on the marketing campaign carried out in collaboration with the muse Julia Roberts.

The name of this perfume already sounds like a claim. And indeed, from the actress’s bright smile to the bottle’s glamour, as we pass by the fullness of the perfume, we want to prove everything.

Like Kenzo, who saw the red poppy bloom in the grey city, La Vie est Belle’s campaign focuses on a Julia Roberts going to a social evening that seems sad and bored. Then she breaks her chains and opens herself to happiness and freedom, symbolized by her fabulous smile.

The core objective of this fragrance is therefore the modern and independent woman who does not hesitate to free herself from her constraints in order to attain happiness. It is a message of optimism that he wants to convey to us, a true philosophy of life. How is this expressed in the fragrance?

It is a more oriental fragrance with fruity facets. It is essentially built around the iris, especially the Florence Iris Pallida, a very rare variety in perfumery…. But also very expensive! No less than 63 ingredients make up this fragrance.

The top note is mainly orange, which blends with the fruity scent of blackcurrant and the delicate wings of jasmine and orange blossom that make up the heart note. Finally, it is in the base note that the iris bursts, struck with notes of bitter almond, tonka bean, patchouli and vanilla.

The delicate, curved bottle – commonly known as “the smile of women” – contributes to the glamorous aura of this perfume, which features a refined yet beautifully crafted case.

If we have to find any shortcomings in this fragrance, it’s because some users sometimes find its scent too sweet and end up feeling a certain disgust. But at the same time others complain that this perfume is relatively new and precise, so well built that it can be found everywhere, which, thanks to its unique fragrance, prevents it from shining in the middle of a crowd.

What is certain is that when you think of La Vie est Belle, you immediately see Julie Roberts’ radiant smile, which actually makes you think she is.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium: the scent of young caffeine addicts?

Yves Saint Laurent Damen Black Opium Parfüm, 90ml
  • Ein temperamentvoller Duft, voller Leidenschaft. Die einzigartige Kreation präsentiert sich...
  • Rocken Roll pur für Ihre Sinne. Black Opium strahlt mit seiner fruchtigen Frische pure...
  • Duftnoten: Blumig Kopfnote: Rosa Pfeffer, Orangenblüte
Pros & Cons
  • Good use of caffeine
  • Very fine oriental gourmet scent
  • Lasts a long time
  • Fans of the original opium often disapprove of its sweetness.

A little later (it was released in 2014) Black Opium was eagerly awaited at the turnaround. And for good reason, the original opium, released in 1977, had triggered passions and had even been banned in some countries, which was seen as an incentive for depravity, sex and drug use.

Of course, his little brother, Black Opium, played a lot with this image while offering him a “more glorious” side surrounded by glitter. In her ad we find a rock and a disturbing heroine who in turn leads us through the dark and rainy streets and golden paths in search of her scent. Black Opium has thus established itself in a light-dark universe, offering contrasts of dark and luminous scents.

The result is a deep oriental scent that plays on the addictive side of overdosed caffeine. The coffee is present in the top note and contrasts with the juicy notes of the pear. Then it continues to assert itself and surrounds itself with a bouquet of flowers, especially orange blossoms and jasmine. Finally, the way, raw and rocky, plunges us into the woody scents of cedar wood and patchouli, with hints of vanilla and liquorice, very gourmand.

It is a result that has sometimes disappointed the fans of the original fragrance, who see it as a perfume more specifically adapted to a younger clientele (although I personally think that at 60 you can still be very rocky!).

The bottle, of course, has the shape of the original opium, but is adorned with a sequined black dress, also very rocky, where the light pink window offers a gap to the lightness and elegance of the perfume.

This composition is much rockier and sweeter than the original and is aimed at mischievous women who are somewhat rebellious. The contrast is there, in every detail, between chic and skirt, the elegant woman and the evil girl in high heels.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum: the best top product in the range.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDP Vapo, 50 ml
  • Coco Mademoiselle EDP Vapo 50 ml
Pros & Cons
  • Oriental but fresh fragrance
  • Maintains and breaks the two codes of the Chanel House.
  • Elegant charisma
  • Fresh fragrance whose light outfit sometimes surprises the regular guests of Chanel.
  • High price

As for her, Coco Mademoiselle was founded in 2001. As the name suggests, it was dedicated to the memory of the wife Coco, Gabrielle Chanel, founder of the house of the same name and known for her bitter independence, which did not prevent her from being a seductress much appreciated by men.

Coco Mademoiselle had to reflect this duality between freedom and seduction and represent a compromise between Chanel’s past and present, not to break with the codes that have established his reputation, but not to risk being absorbed into an earlier fragrance.

The result is an oriental fragrance with fruity and slightly floral notes.

It belongs to the family of chypre aromas. These fragrances are initially based on a combination of bergamot, patchouli, oakmoss, labdanum rockrose and animal notes. But when Coco Mademoiselle was founded, oakmoss may have been in the process of being banned in cosmetics by the European Union. It was therefore a unique opportunity for Chanel to overturn existing codes and create a fresher and lighter fragrance thanks to white musk and vetiver.

The result is a very fresh top note where the bergamot is carried by the orange. The heart notes always focus on the peach and the fruit. But the floral scents of rose and jasmine support it and drive it to a composition in which tenderness and romance mix. As a base note we find patchouli, white musk and vetiver as well as a hint of vanilla, which gives the whole a brilliant modernity and enhances its sensuality.

One point has sometimes confused users accustomed to Chanel perfumes: we start with a much fresher composition that increases the volatility of the perfume. If the outfit is very correct, it’s obviously less than a “heavier” perfume like N°5. So it’s a “mistake” that’s often been highlighted.

Coco Mademoiselle was designed to be worn by free, attractive and somewhat provocative women, but always with class and distinction. As they often say, “Chanel magic, the magic of eternal fragrances”. Probably the Best Perfume for Women 2019.

How do you choose your perfume for women?


That’s it, your last favorite fragrance is definitely out of stock and it’s time to choose a new one? I understand that I only have two bottles of my favorite perfume in stock.

It’s hard to choose the new fragrance that makes up our personality! Quite simply, the perfumeries (not to mention the online perfumeries) are literally overflowing with all kinds of interesting flavors. After all, we would almost envy these gentlemen, who have a more limited choice!

Here are some tips that will hopefully help you see clearer and choose the fragrance that everyone will praise you for.


Like I said, the perfume corridors are crowded. It’s already not easy to choose between two flavours. But if two of them have the same name, but are offered at a sometimes very different price, how can we not ask why?

Here it is important to know the difference between perfume, eau de parfum or eau de toilette!

Eau de Cologne

No, ladies, perfume is not for men. It is a term that is sometimes misleadingly attributed to male perfumes, since Eau de Cologne has long been the only sector in which male consumers invest, but that is now a thing of the past.

In fact, this term refers to the least concentrated version of a perfume. A cologne thus contains about 3 to 6% aromatic essences and lasts about two hours on the skin.

The Eau de Toilette

Somewhat more concentrated, the Eau de Toilette contains between 7 and 12% aromatic essences, which allows a shelf life of at least 3 to 4 hours.

This is the range currently preferred by men’s fragrances, but many women’s fragrances are also very successful in this version.

The Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum has a concentration of 12 to 20% for a period of 6 to 8 hours. In general, it is this concentration that is most popular with the female public, who tend to wear a perfume every day.

The perfume

In the “real” fragrance you have a concentration of 20 to 40%, so that it lasts the whole day without problems.

This version, the most expensive, is indeed the rarest on the market, although it has been given the generic term “perfume”.

The main categories of perfumes are

Smell terms, we can distinguish 4 main families of perfumes. However, the fragrances you will find on the market are usually a subtle combination of several of them.

The delicate/floral fragrance

This fragrance is that of freshly cut flowers. The most common are rose, lavender or orange blossoms, but there are many.

This is typically the type of perfume recommended for women of a romantic nature, as their sweetness and sweetness create an atmosphere of tenderness.

The fruity fragrance

These are the freshest flavours. On their heads we find mainly citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit, orange,…), but also other sweeter, rounder smells like apricot, peach or apple can occur, especially in female perfumes.

The oriental spicy fragrance

These are the more complex and often heavier aromas obtained from certain spices, before which we find cinnamon or vanilla.

It is a perfume that is most often compared to seductive women because it creates an atmosphere of mystery and confusion.

The woody scent

The woody scent is the one that reminds us of wood (of course…) and earth.

It is a fragrance that is often associated with a male audience, but it is not uncommon for certain essences to be found in women’s fragrances such as sandalwood.

The notes

If you tend to go to a perfumery, spray the coveted perfume on a paper and immediately leave with (or without) it, make a big mistake!

A perfume is in fact far from one and unique. In fact, we can distinguish 3 notes which, roughly speaking, correspond to 3 stages of their development.

The top note

It is the volatile part of a perfume that is immediately noticeable and usually lasts only 15 minutes to 2 hours to make room for the heart note.

These are the lightest smells that are most often affected: Citrus fruits, bergamot or delicate floral scents such as lavender.

The heart note

In a way, it is the characteristic scent of a perfume that takes full effect after the top note has evaporated and develops over several hours.

It usually consists of heavier floral aromas like jasmine, sweet fruits like pears, “green” smells like grass and stronger spices like cinnamon.

The background

As the heart note develops, the base note is formed, which lasts the whole day or even several days. It determines the total duration of your perfume.

Common base notes include vanilla, sandalwood, leather, tobacco, musk, etc.

Each of these notes has its own presence in each fragrance. For example, a fragrance with a strong top note is more volatile, while a fragrance with a dominant top note is often richer and more persistent.

It is possible that, depending on the importance of the note, you may like a fragrance that contains ingredients you hate a priori if they are not too strong or just the top note. That was it for our Best Perfume for Women 2019 Guide.